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Training Lace by LaceUp Athletics is the world's first comfortable, versatile, one-size-fits-all fitness and sports training aid. Instantly build muscle strength, speed, and power in your workouts or on the field.

Training Lace's proven technology will allow you to develop all areas of your game.

  • Power - Increase Exit Velocity and Bat speed with overload and underload training drills.

  • Hitting - Correct swing path and keep barrel in the hitting zone longer, increasing chances for solid contact.

  • Defense - Use on your glove hand during drills to increase kinesthetic awareness, quicker hands and hand strength.

  • Throwing - Incorporate into your throwing program to increase velocity and develop proper arm path.

  • Baserunning - Apply to ankles to develop quick feet for catchers, MIF and all base runners.
Only flexible training weight available that can fit around any size baseball or softball bat.

Start by wrapping a 5, 8, or 12 oz Training Lace around any size bat, and incorporate it seamlessly into your practice to train your body to get the most powerful swing possible.

Work your way up to our heavier weights for additional strength and see and increase in your baseball metrics. The Training Lace's specially-designed weighted core allows you to build resistance and increase strength without sacrificing your mechanics and works great when incorporated into your overload and underload training.

    Shop our TrainUp, DoubleUp, ManUp, and Grand Slam Combos designed specifically for Baseball and Softball to take your game to the next level.